you weren’t created to be liked by everybody…you’re not chicken fingers


You are not chicken fingers…
…you weren’t created to be liked by everybody”.

I saw this somewhere, can’t remember where, but I liked it. Actually, I loved it. 

It was just what I needed to hear, see, read – in exactly the right moment and I said to myself, “F ya”, I am embracing that one! It’s taken 60 years to be okay with people not liking me for who I am. The layers of good and bad run deep and fortunately or unfortunately they go hand in hand. 

In the last five to six years, I have been grafitating more toward those that know and understand all of me and are okay with stuff that isn’t so great! On the flip side, I have slowly walked to the other side of the street, away from those that seem to bask in the short comings and ignore the things that really make me endearing. 

Being called out for all the shitty stuff took a toll and it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2016 that I started to shift my perspective. Remaining true to who I am and being super intuitive as well as overly sensitive, I started to be okay with not getting everyone’s approval.

Wondering if you have arrived at this same place?

This isn’t just about friends and family – those closest to you. This is also about your business and those that you attract both as an employee and a client or colleague.

And freshly coming off of one of my Power of the Pivot (P.O.P.) Collective Group Experiences, not all 17 women were going to feel the same way. One of my clients joined the group and we talked a lot about the dynamics of getting a bunch of women together in one room.

As the leader of the pac, I owe it to them to be sincere and peel back the curtain. It was up to them to decide if they were going to be open to the content and the work or not. The responsibility is on them.

I loved my son’s 3rd grade teacher and his bff’s mom couldn’t stand her. See…that’s why there is chocolate and vanilla ice cream – there is something for everyone! We all have choices. 

For those of you that have been inquiring about my groups, I have one about to start (there are a few spots left, if you are interested) and if you are not ready to pivot or not sure you know where to pivot to, I have got a free resource, that might inspire a whole new POV. 

You can download it here

My mission is to disrupt the POV of women by giving them easy, obtainable business and life tools. While teaching them how to tap into the resources they already have so they can remember what it is like to be in love with themselves.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Remember – you’re not chicken fingers – not everyone is going to like you!!! 

Download the How To Pivot Cheat Sheet here. And if you have questions about the P.O.P. Collective Group Experience, leave a comment – I will for sure get back to you.

P.S. if you like what’s going on here, feel free to share the link to this content, with some of your people. If they are anything like you, I bet they would like to join the conversation!


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