Why I Hate The Term – Boss Babe

When I see posts or T-shirts or mugs, hashtags and banners using this adjective to describe themselves, I get this not-so-great visceral reaction. My skin crawls just a little bit. 

However, I do get it – I seriously do. I know a lot of these women who proudly display this graphic all over their social media and I love so many of them. They are awesome humans. Most of them are in some sort of MLM a.k.a. Network Marketing business and for the first time in a very, very long time, they are going about their day with a new found purpose. That’s a beautiful thing. The MLM world, when done in the right way, is a fabulously crafted profession. 

But come on ladies – you don’t see guys running around taking selfies with a coffee mug in their hands that reads “my side hustle is real” or sweatshirts saying “CEO of ME” or captions that read, “ BOSS-DUDE”. In doing this, in my opinion, it cheapens the mission. Ownership is key here and whether one is working a 9-5 job, a 12 hour shift at a hospital, practicing law, or building a home based, virtual business and selling products that we all may need – WORK IS WORK. And that paycheck, no matter how you achieve it, is valuable.

When I was building my global lifestyle brand, I don’t ever recall running around town shouting, “I am a Boss Babe”. It was simply how I was choosing to earn my living. If your choice is to earn your living via building a home based business – then OWN THAT SHIT. And let’s all come together and collectively coin a new phrase that describes what doers we are and how finding that niche that speaks to us is allowing one to feel a little bit more comfortable in their skin. Flex those biceps and pump that chest but let’s do it in a way that show the world that we are all creating something from nothing.

Becoming part of a community, surrounded by women who only want the best for you, is what this is all about. No one is doing any of this alone and the more we can ban-together – the more we are going to get stuff done.

I have a few thoughts of what this new term or phase could be, but I need your help. Write in the comments below what you think this could be and let’s start a new movement. One with power, purpose and intention!!

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  • Hannah Stephenson

    Oh my god I could not agree with this more.

    • Susan

      For me – it has become so overused and it’s just not positive for us female forward bad-asses!

  • Jean

    I’m here because I also hate that term, and I agree with your sentiment. As a collective group of successful businesswomen, we could do better by NOT identifying ourselves as anything so disrespectfully as a BOSS or a BABE of anything. We are simply hard workers in that class of hard workers. We don’t see dudes walking around proudly calling themselves BossDudes or other language that identifies them as anything else but successful humans. We are MATURE PEOPLE who are collaborators, volunteers, philanthropists, business owners, entrepreneurs, team mates, creatives. There’s nothing bossy or babe about that…

    • Susan

      Hi Jean! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feelings about this overused and abused term. Let’s keep this conversation going!! Have a great weekend! Susan

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