What's in a cookie jar?

Our friends moved out to Agoura. Alex is Eli’s best friend and Isaac and Caiti have been joined at the hip for the last two years. Although we are happy for them and their new life, we miss them. We spent a long, lazy summer day out at their new home. We planned on staying a few hours. We didn’t get home that night until after 9p.m.! No one wanted to leave, including me.
I couldn’t walk in empty handed so I decided to get them a glass jar and fill it with cookies. I like to make the Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies because it makes tons. Plus, I freeze part of the dough, in golf ball size portions and then bake them off when we all feel like a little something sweet.
I also made them a lasagna as their kitchen is about to be gutted. Figured they could freeze it and save it for a rainy day. My kids had so much fun, not only did they not want to leave, but they want to move out that way!
I could say that all of us are going to miss our friends very much. However, we are going to make a HUGE effort to do a once a month “play-date”. Yet, if it were up to my kids, they would make it a once a week gig!

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