What are you Afraid of?


This past week I learned to do something I have always been afraid of. 

Making homemade sourdough bread.

Afraid because it just all seemed like too much effort. Those that know me, know that I am usually not affraid of creating in the kitchen. Being in the kitchen is relaxing and meditative and even though some of my besties laugh at me(cuz they hate to cook), they have other places in their life where they get to experience this same feeling and emotion. They also know that because I am a systems girl (sometimes to an annoying fault), I am all about simplifying the complicated and bread was one of those things that I simply did not tackle because I could not find a way to simplify it.

Until…I spent 4 days on my friends ranch. That friend is an amazing cook. She is actually a skilled and trained chef and being in the kitchen with her is like me living out that fantasy that I had 30 years ago to go to culinary school. But after getting in – I chickened out. One of my few regrets

She tackled bread the first day of quarantine and gave me a starter. A starter is what you need to even begin to build the foundation for creating really good bread. I tried to understand what to do, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it (sort of the same way I can’t wrap my brain around politics). 

In watching her and her then guiding me through the 16 step process, I got it! Always being a learner by doer AKA visual learner (school was not always my strong suit – even though I graduated from a PAC 10), she simplified the complicated in bread making – and one week later – I am happy to say – I have made 4 deliciously, airy and crusty soudough loaves – all on my own. 

As Ilene nurtured me through each phase of the process, it reminded me how this is truly no different than what I do when I work with my clients using my 5 Stage Framework™. My blueprint is a step by step “recipe” to get you away from the “I don’t know” or the “I can’t” and get you closer to the “I can”

And I got to thinking…

What was I so afraid of?

The unknown!

All I really needed was a little bit of guidance to give me the confidence that I could do it on my own.

And I realized that whether a friend is asking me a question, my kid asking me how to make my bolognese or a client wanting more out of their existence it all comes down to the fact that we are all looking for a guide in different areas of our life. 

We all need help.

And it is in these learning and teaching moments that we grow and pivot or shift our perspenctive. And pivot is what I am hearing, loud and clear, from all the conversations that I am having. Whether it’s a short discovery call, a weekly mastermind zoom, or the consistent chats I have over and over again with an active client – everyone is ready for something different.

Which brings us to today! Here’s the deal:

I have got 3 Tips that you can download today, for free, that might give you the pep in your step to help you start to think about what 2021 can look like for you. These are just a few baby steps you can actually implement, right after you download. 

So just like my friend, Ilene, who taught me to do something that had me scared, I am going to help you release some of your fears and teach you what I know. In building a multimillion dollar, global lifestyle brand as well as a world renowned digital platform, this free resource will simplify  the complicated for you by offering you a springboard so you can start changing your narrative and move into some slow, imperfect action.

And remember, whether it’s a paint brush, a gardening tool, a writer’s journal or a whisk, it doesn’t matter what vehicle you choose, the outcome is always the same. And that outcome is for you to find that peaceful, confident space that is already inside of you and nurture it until it becomes a part of your whole.

Grab The Power of the Pivot – “3 Tips to Elevate Your Business, Brand or Product during Times of Uncertainty”. You can get the download here.

I cannot wait to “break bread with you and show you, how you too, can overcome scary things.



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