Wendy Turner

Another pre-school connection. I know – so many bad-asses came out of that “institution”! One of my first memories of Wendy was when she walked in to my furniture factory for the first time. She didn’t come to buy furniture…nope…she came to a Scrapbooking event I was hosting. An “all-day” Saturday event. Yup – we were those nerds – hauling our big, black bag on wheels with baubles, papers, cutters and so much more. I was instantly drawn to her and from there we went on to create and organize lots of charitable events for our school and those kids.

Creatively, she and I connected on every level and we have remained friends through out the years. A few years back she came to me with an idea and asked if I could help her digitally “identify” what she was about to launch.

A mom of 4 – 3 boys and 1 girl, has always kept her very, very busy. As expected, they were all into many kinds of activities and sports, however collectively, they all fell into participating and loving, Circus School. The boys ultimately fizzled out, but her daughter became more and more addicted to it and was actually really good at it. Outgrowing the space she was taking classes at, Wendy being Wendy – created her own – and it was in that moment that Aerial Warehouse was born. Her mission and purpose for creating her own was to create a place where boys and girls could thrive in a non-competitive environment. 

It’s been over five years and her company just keeps growing. Wendy divides her time between her 4 kids, husband of over 20 years and her many creative projects. When Wendy and I get together our heads can be seen exploding with ideas and it’s always amazing what comes out of those meetings – usually over a chopped Leon at La Scala!


What is your favorite activity/exercise?

Dance, currently into Jazz and Tap. 

What’s always in your bag/purse?

Aquaphor. It’s lotion, lip balm, cuticle

Favorite person to follow on Instagram?

I Mom So Hard and Brian Friedman

What would be your superpower?


Favorite Cocktail?

Filthy Dirty Martini

Salty or Sweet?

Chocolate and more chocolate

What is your “Uniform”?

Blacks Leggings, Black T-shirt, Sneakers, PonyTail

What inspires you?

My kids… they are constantly teaching me new things.

Who is your favorite hero in fiction?

Francis McDormand in 3 Billboards. She is so fierce. Now that’s a Mama Bear.

Favorite Podcast

How I Built This on NP(my personal fav)

What is on the top of your bucket list?

To visit the top spa retreats, in the world!!

What is your vice?

Chocolate…and organizing.

What’s on your reading list/ night stand/ currently reading?

“Punished for Purpose” by Laurie Burns. An incredible true story of the woman who started the non-profit “The Teen Project”


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