We love to bake!

Baking is an everyweek(sometimes everyday) event in our house.  My husband thinks I should stop buying flour, sugar, eggs and butter when I go to the market and instead, buy some “real” food.  However, baking just relaxes me.  I enjoy the process, I enjoy the outcome and my friends and neighbors love finding the little boxes, filled with yummy treats, at their doorsteps.

This past week we made an excessive amount of baked goods.  Just went a little crazy.  I try to give 95{27efe1ccc16afc6105236eb327c94109df2303d90755d07506af9f0011bd0280} of it away, otherwise I would weigh 300 pounds.  I have no willpower.  I would eat it all.  So would my oldest son, Eli.  

My friend, Nina, wanted to say thank you to some of the administration at her school.  So she enlisted me to bake up some goodies.  The perfect excuse to stay home and do what I love.  I am happiest at home. I should be living somewhere where the weather stinks for 6 months out of the year-it would give me the perfect excuse to never leave my house! 

Marble Pound Cake (Martha Stewart Baking Handbook)
I made a different glaze, but I don’t remember what I did!

Here is the finished product, packaged and ready to go

Mini marble pound cake, cashew bars (The Chef of the Times Cookbook),
Dream bars (Rose Levy Birnbaums, Christmas Cookie Book), Hungarian Shortbread w/fig jam (Baking with Julia)

Went to some friends for Sukkot.   Made cranberry, pistachio biscotti(epicurious.com)

before baking

after the first bake, cut and going back into the oven

finished product
there is more, but I need some rest (baked all day today-will post later)

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