Today…I Feel Grateful


How I’m feeling today?

Today… I’m feeling grateful. 

Yes, I was laid off.

Yes, I’m at home in quarantine.

Yes, I’m heartbroken that yet another Black man was killed by police. 

I also have extreme gratitude to be living in this moment and experiencing this time. We are at the beginning of huge shift in the American consciousness, and the world is following suit. What started as a period of confusion, fear, and uncertainty has evolved into a period of self-discovery, stepping out of my comfort zone, and a much deeper understanding the world I live in, and the experiences of others.

I’m thankful for this novel Coronavirus. Do I wish death or sickness on anyone? Absolutely not. What Coronavirus has done is open everyone’s eyes to the inequities in our current healthcare system, our housing system, and our food systems among other things. We were forced to stay home, because of that, we all bore witness to the killing of George Floyd and the egregiousness of it. 

We could not turn away or ignore it. We could not distract or distance ourselves with work or travel. 

I’m thankful to George Floyd whose life was sacrificed so that we could all see. I’m grateful people are finally galvanizing and joining together to fight for what are everyone’s, or should be everyone’s basic human right. I’m even grateful to Mr. Trump himself. Had we a different president at this time, our eyes would have stayed collectively hooded. Trump has shown us America’s ugliest face, and while it might be in the very fabric of our society, we are on the cusp of CHANGE. 

It will not be instant, but we are moving in the right direction and no longer moving at a snail’s pace. I’m grateful that I get to witness some of this during my lifetime. 

My son will enjoy a better life in a a better world.

• This post was written by Amanda Perkins – Artist, Mentor, Teacher + Mama. Check out her art here. And if you want to find out about her virtual art classes, you can email her at:

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