The Three C’s and Why we need all three to stay healthy.

Yesterday, for the first time, I walked with a friend. It was the perfect weather, the skys were blue and there were tons of people doing the same thing. Walking in small groups, some with dogs, some on bikes, but mostly groups of 2 or 3.

My friend and I talked about the dark side of what we are all experiencing, but mostly we focused on the light. And seeing all those people, actually acting friendly (I say friendly because we live in LA afterall and it’s rare that anyone acknowledges one another) got us talking about the lack of interaction we are all facing. And how, possibly down the road, this could be harmful. 

Getting that Vitamin D and rejuvinating with a 4 ½ mile walk, great chit chat and just the simplicity of talking to another human – was EXACTLY what I needed. I didn’t realize how much I was needing it and missing it and in that realization, i’ve included it on my daily/weekly list of Rituals.

Committing to walking with a friend and having that interaction further validated the gatherings on Zoom. I have recently been chatting once a week, with a group of cool chicks who are all craving the same things; 




The biggest take away thus far is how we all agree on one big thing; the importance of finding a 

place or a space to achieve those three C’s.

If you’re feeling a bit isolated and need a little break and want to join the conversation this week – it would be great to have you. 

This week we will be talking about “social engagement” and why this is just as imporant as “physical engagement”. Just  “liking” a person’s post is no different than not saying “hi” to the person that just walked in your path. It takes the same amount of time to try and make eye contact with that person, say “hi” = engagement – as it does to respond to someone’s post with a 5-7 word validating response – letting them know that not only do you hear but – but you see them as well.

Join the conversation and maybe you will shift from just being a voyeur to an active participant!

Email me or leave a comment here and I will send you all the deets!!!



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  • Pamela Nye

    Thank you Susan! I’ll visit you sight again, your 3 C’s article was worth the read. Pam

    • Susan

      I so appreciate you!!!! Have a beautiful week!! xx

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