Sugar Coated Popovers

This past week, I have been reading some of my favorite cookbooks. One in particular is Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Desserts. Simultaneously, I had received my weekly newsletter, blog update from David Lebovitz (love his updates, his writing and his photography. he inspires me!). His most recent post is about Maida Heatter, pop overs and Amanda Hesser, another favorite of mine. If you haven’t read Cooking for Mr. Latte, you must.

He posted about a modified version of Ms. Heatter’s popovers. I love popovers. I love them most right out of the oven. However, these popovers are covered in cinnamon sugar. This is as close to a doughnut one will get without all the grease fat. These are a cross between a biscuit, doughnut and a beignet. Just imagine these dipped in vat of your best chocolate sauce. Ooooooooooo!
These are the perfect Sunday morning treat. These are made in a blender. In a blender! How easy is that!
I think I put too much batter in my pop over tins. Had I filled them up 1/2 way rather than 3/4 of the way, these would have cooked through and would not have tasted so “eggy”. I am sure they would have been dryer, just like a popover should be (like the ones at Neiman Marcus-that is one perfect popover).
Regardless, they were still good. I want to make them again and possibly make them in mini muffin tins. Bite-size popovers rolled in cinnamon sugar. Hmmmm…that could be wonderful!

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