Simple Shortbread

My friend Nina is pregnant…with her 4th!  We were out the other night, supporting our friend, Jessica Hendra who just wrote her 2nd book.  We decided to grab some dinner before going to her book reading and signing.  

During dinner she begged me not to get her a baby gift but instead she wanted a batch of my buttery shortbread.  As this was the end of May and the baby isn’t due until the beginning of September, I wasn’t about to wait until September to make her her request.
I woke up the next morning and made a double recipe, just for her!  This is one of my favorite Shortbread recipes.  As I have mentioned before, Tartine is my all time favorite bakery.  I dream of opening a Tartine in my neighborhood one day.  This recipe is from their cookbook.   It is buttery, light and crumbly.  I have often thought of using it as a crust for a pecan bar.  However, I think it may be a little too flakey.  
When the baby is born I will show up at the hospital bearing gifts for the baby and shortbread for Nina. Can’t wait to meet this little person!  

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