Shirley Lipner

Shirley and I met at the beginning of 2017 at a small, intimate networking group. She walked in and was quiet and then when it came around to her turn to talk, she opened her mouth and she was funny!!!

I scheduled a reading with her a few months after we met and the timing of that reading could not have been better planned. What I needed right in that moment was her and she provided so much clarity, insight, thoughtfulness and relief. We have been hanging out ever since and it’s usually not about what the future holds.

She calls her self the “improv psychic” but I see her as so much more. Shirley is more like a clarity coach and we are both convinced that we were stronger than sisters in many many lives before us.




What’s on your reading list/night stand/currently reading?

Fosse, Edgar Cayce, Akashic Records, Harold Ramis

Favorite person to follow on Instagram?

I follow my clients as they are the one’s achieving their dreams!

What career would you choose for your next life?

Victoria Secret Runway Model

What is your best trait?

Sense of humor

What inspires you?

Youth – young people

Who is your favorite hero in fiction?

Scarlett O’Hara

What is your all time favorite movie?


App you use the most?

Instagram, Venmo(must send $ to my kids) and Insight Timer!

I surprise myself when…. 

When I put my eyeliner on perfectly

What is your vice?

Slot machines


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