Say YES and Let’s See Where You Land!

Guess What? I am that girl who has a pile of unread books on my night table. I hear about a book on a podcast or hear the author speak and if what they are talking about lights my fire, with in 2 minutes my friend, Amazon, has it “en-route” to my house. Do you feel me?

In the past month I have been very into books on tape. Last year, I had stopped my subscription with a particular APP that enabled me to listen to the latest best sellers.  I was simply tired of $11.99 here and $14.99 there and I just wanted to cut down on some of the noise. I was missing it. Then, one night, my friend Brenda shared with me what she was using and I immediately downloaded it. It was free and I really liked the sound of free. Libby is linked to your library card and although it isn’t an instant gratification kind of thing,  I looked at it as way to test my patience. Again…it was free. 

I request so many books that every week I get a notification of what is available to me and for the past month or so, I have been listening to a few books per week. This past week I listened to Shonda RhimesYear of Yes. This was one of the ones I had bought after being diagnosed with Cancer in 2016. I had read a few pages here and there, but I never had a big block of time that would have allowed me to really dive in. Then we moved. And this book ended up in one of the 38 plastic boxes that now reside in my garage. Only a select few cookbooks and other little trinkets made the unveiling in our new dwelling. Downloading and listening to it burned way less calories than digging through a bunch of not so perfectly marked and labeled boxes. 

What I love most about this audio book is…her. Her voice. Her tone. Her Candor. I like to listen to this stuff when I drive or do my morning exercise. When I hear something that I want to hear again or write down, I have a little system that I have created that allows me to do that. Her words that inspired the quote above, was well into the third chapter. I was driving when these words vibrated over my car radio and I had to pause it. Pull over, rewind and then write it down (I keep a journal in my car for this very action). I loved what she had just said.

It reminded me of me how I felt as I was recovering from diagnosis and surgery. After going through that experience, I had lots and lots of time to think about lots and lots of stuff. One topic that kept coming up for me (in my own head, of course) was feeling inadequate, hopeless and stuck. I kept trying to write a new script for myself but what I wanted and what I was seeing was not manifesting. I faced the same roadblocks and what I realized after just a few short months of getting sick was that I had spent way too many years in this place of status quo. Getting sick woke me up and unstuck me.  I remember where I was sitting and what I was doing the day that I shifted. For me this was not about saying yes to everything but more about believing that what I wanted – I could create and the only thing stopping me from getting that done – was me.

So, when Shonda read this from the pages of her book, I had to pause. And then I smiled.

Are you happy where you are? If not, what are you going to do about it?

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