Salted Caramel Ice cream

After reading the August issue of Gourmet Mag, I wanted to make ALL the ice creams in that issue. As you all know (for the 4 of you whom read this blog), I love caramel anything. So the idea of making my own caramel for homemade ice cream was exciting.

It has been so hot this week and with the unbearable weather, I haven’t been motivated to cook. I procrastinated all day. I felt I had to check off at least one item on my “to do” list, otherwise I would have felt like a total loser. I enlisted Eli to be my assistant. Because it was ice cream, he willingly said yes.
The caramel for this Salted Caramel Ice Cream is so unbelievably good that I am surprised it was still around when it was time to combine the caramel with the custard.
The ice cream was really good. But what won my heart is the caramel itself. In the past I had always made a “wet” caramel. A wet caramel is when you combine a few ingredients and cook over the stove. This is what is called a “dry” caramel. To melt the sugar in a dry pan is the only process I will use to make caramel in the future. Homemade caramel will forever be a staple in my fridge. It will sit on the shelf right next to the homemade fudge sauce.

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