Salted Butter Caramel

I can eat this with a spoon.  And happily so.  I have mentioned it before, caramel is one of my favorite foods.  Rolos, Sees scotch kisses and scotch mallows, 100,000.00 dollar bar, sugar babies, and sugar daddy’s – just to name a few.

I had some left over brownies ( here ) from last week and although they could stand on their own, I wanted to make some mudslides for the kids and their friends.  I had some of David Lebovitz’s caramel sauce in the fridge.  Instead of a traditional mudslide (brownie, ice cream, chocolate sauce), I substitued the caramel sauce for the chocolate sauce.  This caramel sauce will go down as one of the best ones I have made to date!


Salted Butter Caramel Sauce


2 cups ( 400g) sugar

1 2/3 cups (400g) heavy cream

2 Tbsp. (30g) salted butter

1/4 tsp. fleur de sel or to taste


• spread sugar in a heavy duty pan, set over moderate heat and cook without stirring, until the sugar liquefies (at the edges).

• using a wooden spoon, gently stir the mixture, bringing the melted sugar from the edges into the center.  don’t forget to stir the sugar from the bottom of the pan.  the mixture will be pebbly, but keep stirring until it turns amber.

• continue to cook until it is deep brown in color. it will start to smoke.  the mixture is ready when it is the color of an aged penny.

• remove from the heat and quickly stir in 1/3 of the cream.  it will bubble.  continue to whisk in the remaining cream, slowly.  when it is all smooth, add the butter and salt.

• the sauce can store for one month in the fridge.  mine won’t last that long!

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  • Lisa!

    Moan. This looks so good. I’m also a huge caramel fan, but you know that.

  • Kim

    I realy like Lebovitz to! Is recipes are awesome… This caramel sauce is probable yummy on vanilla ice cream! think i’m gonna try it….

  • Nicole@ The Dirty Oven

    Those two combos are a made for each other. Lovely over the ice cream!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Chocolate Shavings

    Nothing really beats homemade caramel sauce – yours looks just delicious!

  • iheartcakes

    My favourite ice cream accesory! :)Never tried this recipe, though, but it has to be good!

  • Anonymous

    this one is being added to recipes.jocelyn

  • Active Foodie

    It was so nice seeing you again! I can’t wait to talk to you some more! 🙂 This salted caramel looks divine and your pictures are just gorgeous!!

  • Active Foodie

    It was so nice seeing you again at lunch, and I can’t wait to talk more about our ideas! This salted caramel just looks divine and your pictures are gorgeous!!

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