S-O-A-P {An Acroynm you want to know about)!


Let’s get creative here!

Are your ducks in order? Do you have a plan for getting shit done? Do you find yourself constantly quoting Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind; “After all,  tomorrow is another day”? If you answered “YES” the ladder -then you, my friend, are going to need what I have to say!

I admit, I can be a procrastinator. I will also admit that I am a marinater. I actually marinate while I procrastinate because I have to have complete and ultimate clarity before I implement. Otherwise it feels more intentional rather than intuitive. And my intuition is led via my heart – and that is where I always do my best work.

When I was “ideating” my brand, Little Folk Art, I sat in the creative space for sometime. I had to pinpoint that bigger picture and map it out in my head(and my heart). I needed that clarity in order for me to take it out into the world and tell the story I was wanting to tell. And when I did it that way – it all came together in this almost effortless-less dance. It was magic….just sayin’!

It was no different when I started my food blog back in 2008. I seeked and asked and “thought” I needed a partner in crime for that project, but when it came down to it – I was tired of waiting for others and simply did it myself. 

That is exactly where I am today. Pre-pandemic I had been in talks and negotiations with others for me to join their team. It was exciting to think that I was going to be a bigger collaborator, making a bigger impact on others. But then lightning struck (A.K.A. – Covid19) and everything changed. These past 6 months has taught me that


to do what I know in my heart is at the center of my being. Taking


has allowed me(over the past 10+ years) to help more and more people shift, pivot, recreate, reidentify and retell their stories. And in helping others I have been able to create a framework on how I get them from point A to point B. When we were placed on lockdown (3.13.20), I reflected and surrendered that it was now time to help someone I had been neglecting for a long time;


In looking at how I had helped others and examining their results and most importantly where they were today in comparisson to where they were when we got together on day 1 – I realized that I could apply all of those steps to moi! And I am happy to say that I have arrived!!


In order for me to scale my business, I knew something had to change because there is only one me. There were only so many hours in the week that I could service my people. It takes a lot out of me physically and emoitonally when I work 1:1. I put everything into it. 

So, I started crafting ways to help more people at one time, but while I was “marinating” this whole idea, I wrote an e-book – as an ode to my kids. Again, using the 5 Stage Framework and realizing that it doesn’t really matter if you are an artist, a chef, a CEO, a business builder, a lawyer, a writer, etc. The framework works one in the same – it’s just that your story will be different. 

So…within this 5 Stage Framework, one of my goals is to do get my client to arrive at  a place where they can implement these 4 structures, whether inside their buisness or their life, these four things are necessary if you want to scale:

S – systematize

O – organize

A – automate

P – plan

Systematize – create simple, intuitive ways for running different parts of your business. What I have noticed, working in this digital media landscape, is that people are not loyal. It’s hard to find good help these days and it’s easy for them to walk away because there is no physical connection to the project(a.k.a. VA). After repeating myself for the millionth time – I realized that what I needed was simple – so I outlined it (part of the plan). It became easier to articulate and it was a cut and paste kind of thing – thus no longer rattled my chain! I have worked with clients on this and the feedback that I get the most is how I “simplify the complicated”. 

Organize – whether it’s your kitchen, your closets or your office(or your head) – know your inventory. Meaning; you got what you got –  so start workin’ it. Grab those tools that you already have and pull them out of your toolbox and find ways to use those to help others. The first thing you have to organize is the crap that lives between your ears. Find a way to get rid of the noise and try and tap in to a few things that make you tick. This is a favorite phase because the clarity starts to surface!

Automate – this happens when you figure out your systems. Systems work!! You don’t need a lot – you just need a few and when you start to implement them the efficiency and productivity factor goes full steam ahead. As a marinator and visionary, I can’t automate until I organize. And I can’t automate without the systems! See – they all fit nicely together! 

Plan – create the plan, people. That’s where it all starts. This is the foundation and it is the first place I go when I work with my people. If we can’t craft the plan we can’t build the roadmap and if we can’t build the roadmap, we can’t get to the destinations. Period!

What phase are you in? 

Not sure?

I am getting ready to launch a 3 hour workshop for a limited number of people and if you want to get on the waitlist, head on over to this page and send me an email. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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