Doing a little recipe testing for Thanksgiving next week. I have been craving pumpkin anything since Halloween. Don’t really know why? I have never really been a lover of most things pumpkin. I think I have turned the corner. Happily, I crave it.
So…when I was reading my new issue of Martha Stewart Living over this past weekend I found a recipe for Pumpkin Flan, I was immediatly drawn to it. Couldn’t really resist not making it. The beauty of this recipe is I didn’t have to run to the store as I had everything on hand.
I was planning on sending this with Mitch to work. It is half eaten. Eli and I keep pinching a bite here, a bite there. It is so yummmmmy!
Although I would love to make it again for our Thanksgiving table, my sister-in-law doesn’t really like flan. With that said, I made some pie doughs today as well. Put them in the freezer so they will be nice and fresh for next weeks pie baking extravaganza.
Here is what I am making for Thanksgiving:
• Cranberry sauce (the best ever)
• Beet Pear Puree
• Roasted brussel sprouts
• Corn souffle
• Pecan Pie
• Cranberry tart
Happy Harvest!

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