Planning is Everything!!


Planning is everything…don’t you agree?

This pandemic and quarantine has transformed me. I was a serial multi-tasker with lots of plates spinning at all times. This time of “recovery” has allowed me to sit quietly, think and formulate ways to get shit off of my “to-do” lists.

The pressure is off.

Do you feel that way too?

Being able to take so much off of my calendar, say NO to so many distractions has willfully made me a planner!!

Feels so good to set realistic goals; accomplish small bites each day that is allowing me to put a real and valid check mark next to that task. Again…the pressure is off!

This formula came with a lot of trial and error. More error than trial but – happy to report a few simple actions each day is leading up to big results. The stuff I have checked off during this time of isolation has lit a fire under my ass and happy to report, I am not alone.

I have a few clients right now and when I discovered how this was adding value to my day, I infused this formula into our weekly meetings. I am witnessing the light bulb moments and although this is not a bandaid or an easy fix, they are finding patience in the process and because of that they are seeing small results as well.

In addition to that, each week, I gather a bunch of women via Zoom. Because this formula is working so well for me (and a few others), I am going to start to focus on this very concept in those weekly think tanks. I am seeing how much these conversations are helping everyone, including myself, to see that 1) we are not alone and 2)in some little way, we are all struggling with the same obstacles (different niches’) but the solution or prescription for getting over that are quite the same. It’s universal!

So, if you want to join – it’s easy. This week’s meeting is TBD (maybe Saturday as I have working ladies who want to join), just email me and I will make sure you get the invite.

For now – may day 57 bring you some sort of comfort. Whether that be in the form of Tartine’s Morning Bun, a phone call with an old friend, or something crossed off your “to-do” list!

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