Plan • Prep • Push


Are you a planner? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

There are some days where I wish I could fly more by the seat of my pants and be more spontaneous – but for the most part – my lists have lists.

Recently, before we were all consciously aware of words like “covid19”, “pandemic” “quarantine” and “stay home”, I did something super spontaneous. I was gifted and invited to fly to a remote place of Baja and observe hundreds of whales in their natural habitat. 5 days with no cell service, no internet, no noise, no planning and prepping and “glamping” – sort of! I had to sit on this invite for a good 48 hours before I said yes, because  I needed to marinate all the “what if’s” that consume my type-A personality.

I needed this experience more than I was aware and my friend, who invited me, saw how much I needed it and shared an experience with me that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. This was the sign that I needed to show me that I spend a lot of time planning, prepping, organizing, creating and executing both small and large tasks and in that, I could easily be missing out on experiencing. The 5 days in quiet contemplation with 5 people that I didn’t know very well on day one, but loved enormously by day 5 – taught me to surrender and trust.

I didn’t come back and toss away my old ways. I simply reorganized them. And in doing so, I have always given myself credit for planning and prepping our weekly meals – including making sure the pantry is stocked, that there are plenty of things on hand to be creative and that my family has a decent meal each night. I have a really good system for that – that has taken years to develop. Not being super conscious of it – I saw that I do this in other areas of my life – it’s just that my systems for work, creating, content creation and writing were not as defined as my weekly meal planning.

Over the past 6 weeks and especially since isolation – I have adopted a plan for work related stuff and it’s working. Not only for me but for my clients. The best part about it is that I have found a way to take the overwhelm out of that structure and make it very, very simple.

Setting goals, creating timelines, asking for what you want is all about getting from where you are today to where you want to go tomorrow. And if you don’t have that clarity on what that destination is – you’ll never get to where you want to be.

What’s your plan for making plans? Share below and if you have a question on how to start – leave a comment or DM me on Instagram!

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