When I was making my wish list of things I wanted to bake this holiday season, Eli asked, “Mom, are you making logs”? I really wasn’t planning on making logs, but when he looked at me with those huge, sad eyes, I couldn’t disappoint.

These are one of those perfect cookies. I found this recipe 4 years ago in a special holiday cookie issue of Martha Stewart Living (recipe here). It is similar to a Mexican Wedding cookie, but better. Sometimes I make these longer and they look extra special.
I doubled the recipe, as I always do. These tend to disappear from the wire racks as they are cooling. I had to take into consideration that my family will eat a dozen plus before they make it to their perspective receivers. I made the dough and let it rest in the fridge for a while. Then I rolled each individual cookie, rolled in pecans and put on cookie trays and froze. Once frozen I packed in air tight containers. These are best eaten within a day of baking.
These are a delicious addition to any holiday cookie party.
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  • Anonymous

    Oh, I wish you had posted the recipe. I’m enjoying your Christmas recipes! Thanks for sharing. Teresa

  • The Urban Baker

    Hi Anonymous,I didn’t actually post the recipe, however I did provide the link. Just click on “recipe here” and it should be there. These really should be part of anyone’s cookie recipe file.

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