I had about 2 cups of buttercream left over from Eli’s birthday cupcakes.  Each time I opened the fridge door (which is probably about 50 times per day) the buttercream stared me in the face.  I couldn’t waste it.  I thought about making more cupcakes as I still had extra sour cream.  But who was I going to give 2 dozen cupcakes to?  I am sure many of my friends would have volunteered to take them off my hands.  Yet, I just made them and wasn’t in the mood to do it again.  Also, it is not like I could make  and freeze them.  Cupcakes are not meant to be frozen.  They are meant to be eaten almost immediately when taken out of the oven.  So that wasn’t going to work.

Oreos. My kids love oreos but I won’t buy them.  Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on a package of oreos?  No thanks.  I flipped through a few books and then did a little internet search.  I found a chocolate wafer cookie on the Smitten Kitten website.  She’s a fellow blogger and happens to do it really well, way better than me.  I used her recipe (here) for the cookie base, but then used my buttercream for the centers.

These are pretty good.  Still not what I am looking for.  I want something a little less crispy and something a little cakier?  I may have to create my very own take on the perfect oreo.

In a pinch, these are good.  I know they will go over well for both the Purim basket as well as their bake sale.

  • Adrienne

    My fiance would die over these. Not that I want him to die. But he would seriously freak out. I will definitely make these.

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