Oatmeal cookies with a twist

I am on a mission to create really good cookie doughs that can be preshaped and frozen.   I want to fill up my freezer with lots and lots of different flavors of cookie dough.  This way, whenever I need dessert in a pinch, I don’t have to stress.

I have also been recruited to make cookies each week for both religious school and the hebrew school.  Rather than making cookies each week, I want to have these doughs prepared and ready to bake (this way I don’t have to be responsible for actually baking them each week).  Having the pre-made doughs, perfectly shaped with instructions on the packaging makes this simple enough that anyone could bake off the cookies.

I found this recipe on a website I don’t really use that often, About.com (recipe here).  I have an oatmeal base that I think is kind of perfect.  I should have just used my favorite recipe.  This was not a great one for me.  My kids really liked them, but I wasn’t crazy about it.  

Next time, I will make my favorite base and then add the toffee, maybe some coconut and some sort of dried fruit.  

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