Nontraditional Celebrations + Global Change


“In a gentle way you can shake the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Walking has always been my go to form of exercise. Along with a weekly hike and daily yoga classes (on-demand) – I have been able to control some of my anxiety and restlessness during the past 87 days (2095 hours, 1235756 minutes) via these simple tools.

Pre-pandemic my routine was to head out for my daily walk as the sun was coming up. But with the elevated time in the house, surrounded by my entire family, 24/7, ducking out of the house for an hour – just after dinner has proven to be the best prescription for combating the stress and overstimulation of everyone’s wants, needs and demands.

The vast array of eclectic playlists (gifted to me by my friend’s creative daughter) is my side kick in achieving 10k nightly steps and has forced me to actually look at my surroundings in a way that I never have.

Being conscious and aware rather than just wanting to get through the task, get home, evaluate my “to-do” list and start my day is having a huge impact on pretty much everything that I am currently working on. One evening I became acutely aware of all of the amazing lawn signs, congratulating the oh so many graduates. So many neighbors, so many educational institutions, so many milestones. 

And it got me thinking…

My son, an 8th grade middle schooler will be graduating this week via a digital celebration. He is not getting the “pomp and circumstance” that he was expecting. And, you know what, I am not sad about this one bit. In the beginning of quarantine, being the historian that I am (with over 80k photos and counting – I document EVERYTHING), I was disappointed that he was going to miss out on all of the celebrations and events that he would be missing as an upcoming “graduate”.

Instead – I am in awe of what me, my kids and all these young people are witnessing. These signs and the moments that we are all capturing during this unique and momentous time will forever remind us of what was as we all celebrate these huge milestones in the most untraditional way.

The death of George Floyd has changed all of us – regardless of the color of our skin. How we operate, think and create ways to be a part of this landscape is in the forefront of all of our minds.

When this Gen-Z generation looks back on their graduation year, whether it is high school, middle school or college – it will be less about the achievement of their individual efforts and more about witnessing HUGE change. Once everyone moves past the violence, destruction, arrogance and ignorance of those in charge and instead, remembers how people came together in the streets across America to support and demand change – those will be the stories to tell and the memories to share. Not the traditional photos of them in their cap and gown but instead where they were, what they felt and how it impacted them in ways that they are not even aware of yet.

As my son graduates middle school this week and as I witness an untraditional celebration or non celebration – I am filled with a lot of hope and encouragement. Encouraged because he is seeing what can be. And although it took another senseless death because of the color of one’s skin to wreak havoc on our country and for EVERYONE to say “enough” – it’s time.

To all my friends who have kids that are graduating and moving on to their next chapter in their young and new life – I say congratulations and mazel tov. 

And for me – as a white, jewish and privileged woman –  I am going to continue to educate myself and learn more about the little ways in which I can contribute my time and help.


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