We, Californians, finally had some rain, cold weather and therefore, snow!  We spent New Years Day in the local mountains.  It was fun.

The kids wanted to build a snowman.  This is what they got!

Eli enjoying his new sled

Isaac was totally into it for the first 30 mins.  Then he slammed into a big boulder.  Sledding was over for him.  He decided to make a snowball fort and bombed everyone as they came down the hill.

Levi has no fear.  He will do anything, anywhere, anytime.  He wants to live where it snows all the time!  We suggested Antartica.  However we feel he can’t live somewhere he can’t pronounce.

Sharing a ride

On the way up we stopped for hot chocolates.  Levi wore more of his than he drank!

Cousins – Ruby, Jacob and Shane!

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