Natalie and I met about 4 years ago when our boys landed on the same basketball team. We also had the most amazing human in common (Jennifer) and our friendship grew from there. We are both serial foodies as well as addicted to our creative side and our bond was cemented over a delicious and passionate conversation about food, shoes, art, beads, skin-care and everything in between!

Natalie was born in Vietnam and moved to Los Angeles, with her Dad, when she was 6 years old. After moving to Vegas as a youth, it was there that she found her voice, a family that embraced her as their own and her love for all things “quality”. 

After graduating from UNLV, she was recruited to L.A. to open up the STAPLES Center as their marketing manager. That was a fun job and one could often find Natalie globe trotting both domestically and internationally. After the birth of her 2nd son, she felt it was time to stay home, raise her babies and honor her creative side. Today, Natalie is still globetrotting, but with her two boys in tow and is building her lifestyle brand, Bijou Indochine. 


What are your current goals?

To grow Bijou Indochine presence online, do more pop ups and collaborations and help more woman achieve financial independence.

What is your best trait?

I’m good at connecting people and networking. I’m lucky that I have such a solid network that truly support each other.

What is your ideal day?

Balancing my time with my children and showing them the best “mom” version of myself and making small accomplishments in business.

What is your vice?

COFFEE but I’m working on it.

What is your Mantra?

“You get what you put out so always give love, gratitude and light.”


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