Nancy Sunkin

Nancy and I  have a ton of mutual friends and I fell in love with her mission, purpose and her brand. I reached out to chat about her business and our friendship was born. Nancy, like myself and so many of my friends, has one kid off at college and another getting ready to fly the coop. Investing most of her time and energy into her kids over the past 18 years, filled her cup. But change was on the horizon. Taking what she already knew and was passionate about, Nancy started doing for others what she had already been doing in her own home and from that –  Kitchens By Nancy was born.

Nancy prides herself on being a kind, calm and collected…control freak. She loves entertaining and having a kitchen full of people, but admits, she hates the mess. She looks at her business as a work in progress which has been inspired by her family. Unfortunately they do not share  the same passion to return everything to where it was, so she devised a system to make it easier for things to be returned to the place from which they came. She calls this her “systemized and organized” method of kitchen organization.

Nancy takes an artists approach to keeping an organized home, and the kitchen is her canvas of choice. When she enters a client’s kitchen, she helps them cut the clutter to create a system that is easy to sustain and maintain a beautiful kitchen. Her mission is to bring joy, beauty and calm into the hub of everyone’s homes. 


What living person do you most admire?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

What is your favorite activity/exercise?


What inspires you?

My Daughters

Favorite person to follow on Instagram?

National Geographic

What is your “Uniform”?

Anything black and a good pair of jeans.

Who is your all time favorite movie?

Trading Places

Favorite Podcast

The Daily

What is on the top of your bucket list?

A gorilla trek

I surprise myself when….

I say “I’m wrong”

What are you currently reading?

Becoming by Michelle Obama

What is your vice?

French Fries and/or or see’s dark chocolate covered almonds!

What is your Mantra?

kindness, kindness, kindness


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