My Top 6 DAILY Rituals


Do you have a daily routine?

Had I not had one when the world turned upside down, I probably would not have been able to have stayed as balanced and focused as I have.

It’s truly quite simple. It’s those simple things you do in the morning (and maybe in the evening as well) that sets you up for success as you carry out your day.

My rituals change as life changes. What my morning rituals were, while my kids were in k-12 were very different than they are today. Their needs always came before mine. Their lunches, getting them to school, snack and dinner prep, extra circulars, driving them to the newest BFF’s house and the list goes on.

As two of the three have been away at college for 3/4 of the year, when the shit hit the fan and everyone came home and disrupted my somewhat self-centered and more quiet existence – I had to re-evaluate. And in the first week or so, I realized early on that – I was not altering my am rituals/routine for no one!!! I worked hard on taking those first few hours of the day to myself. I got really good at saying NO to my kid (22 yrs old) who would come into my room in the am placing his breakfast order.

Ummmm….I don’t think so! Love ya, but…

In being able to do that(say NO), I had to first say YES to me! And when they returned for a very, over extended amount of time, I had to honor my morning rituals in order to be a better mom to them later on in the day. Wish I learned this life hack when they were little. I think my battles with them today would look very different!

My must do’s in the wee hours of the morning are the following:

Coffee + Write
If I am reading a book – I give myself 30 minutes
Stretch, yoga or walk
Walk the dog
Water plants

Then it’s time to start the “work” day. I also have some PM rituals but we will save that for another time. 

If I don’t start my day with a few morning rituals – then I am toast. I am good to no one, especially myself. I feel that if I get lost in the information overload of social, email, etc – first thing in the am – it just paralyzes me for the rest of the day. So, I have made a conscious effort to really take care of me first thing in the am!

Do you have a set of rituals that help pull you through your day? Do you need help crafting and identifying them? Reach out – there are several ways for us to hang out together.

The best way is to leave a comment here or DM me on Instagram. I love connecting on that platform – it’s a great way for us to get to know each other. 

Now go and craft your daily rituals. And then come back here and tell me if it changes anything!

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