Molasses Ginger Cookies

I was surfing through Tastespotting and found a really sweet blog by what appears to be a very sweet 17 year old.  I mostly like to peruse Tastespotting for the photography, however sometimes I do get inspired by the recipes.

This cookie recipe inspired me.  She called them “Gingersnaps”.  However, all the critics in my home called them “Molasses Goodness”. I loved the use of canola oil rather than butter in these cookies.  I rolled the dough in Turbinado sugar, which is a raw, brown sugar (it’s delicious).  The dough is not like a normal cookie dough; dry and dense.  This dough is very wet and slippery.  Hence, easy to work with.  These were yummy right out of the oven.
Myself and another mom of a 5th grader had been working tirelessly on the “5th grade memory book”. We were nearing the end of our journey and we both agreed that we needed someone to proof the book. We called another mom whom we knew would step up to the challenge.  Well, not only did she step up, but her 17 year old, high school graduate did as well.  They were our life savers!  They could not go unnoticed. What better way to thank them than with a freshly baked box of molasses, chewy cookies!
I will be making these cookies over and over again!
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  • Elissa

    Hi Susan, I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe! These are (as you know) my favorite cookies ever and I’m so pleased that your family liked them too! Yours look absolutely delicious.

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