Make It All About YOU!


“Make it so YOU is part of the product or service. Put YOU and how YOU think into what it is YOU sell.” ~ Jason Fried

Don’t you just love a good book?

I do. Especially an audio book. Certain books I like to read (good pros and good storytelling) but a book where I am learning how to be better and do better – I need to hear it. It becomes more like a conversation and in hearing it, I can pause, re-listen and marinate. 

Rework by Jason Fried is just that. It is so filled with stuff I have heard again and again, but there is something about his voice and his storytelling style that aligns with so much of my core values and how I collaborate and mentor my people.

My mantra is to simplify the complicated.

It doesn’t matter if it is business related, creating an accountability worksheet, planning and cooking a meal or getting from point A to point B, it has to be simple. 

To complicate is to exhaust oneself.

My client, LL, pointed out to me that one of the reasons why she likes working with me is because I simplify things. Maybe you could call it dumbing it down, but I think that cheapens the outcome. She saw something in me that was unique and because of that I am able to approach my business and my clients from this very personal space. And when Jason wrote about how we should all “make it so YOU is part of your product or service”, in doing so, you end up protecting you from both the copycats and the competitors.



And that is what I am always driving home to my clients – What makes you, uniquely you and different from the person living next door to you,  who is offering or selling the exact same thing?

What makes YOU unique is YOU. And tapping into that hidden space – that unique and simple space is what makes you different!

If you are at all curious about what makes YOU uniquely you – I have a resource you are going to love,

5 Questions to help you Tap Into your Hidden Talents and Find the Business you will Love.

This handy dandy worksheet will help you close the gap on where you are today and get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

Click on the link here and have some fun.

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Grab the link here for Rework by Jason Fried. If you get it, read it and like it – DM me – let’s have a conversation about it!

Happy Monday


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