Macaroon Testing

With Passover a week away, I wanted to try a few new macaroon recipes.  I had come across this recipe from Michael’s restaurant (Santa Monica) and since I have always loved the food at the restaurant, I felt the cookies would be almost fool proof (recipe here).

These macaroons are the the Christian Louboutin’s of macaroons.  These are so good that everyone I made them for all told me the same thing… “I, generally, don’t like macaroons, much less coconut, however these are the best  I have ever eaten”.  I may have to agree.  These cookies elicit only one response – eyes rolling in the back of your head, ultimately shutting, chewing slowly and savoring every morsel!

The first batch I made, they spread so much and didn’t keep their shape.  Although they tasted fabulous, I was really bummed out.  I made a second batch and refrigerated the dough overnight.  I really think this helped.  Along with the coconut and the sugar, the recipe calls for melted butter, honey and apricot preserves (pureed).  By putting the batter in the fridge, the melted butter has an opportunity to come back to a solid.  Just an assumption, however, I think it is necessary.

Whether you like coconut or not, make these.  I also made a batch with mini bittersweet chips.  Mmm Good!

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  • Diane {Created by Diane}

    I love macaroons! I made them into chicks for spring last week, so far I think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever made :)when you get a chance I’d love for you to stop by and see them 🙂

  • Michael\'s Blog

    thank you so much!!! we love this recipe, too!!

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