Lots of Love

We were having our cousins over for dinner and I was craving something really chocolaty for dessert.  I searched through some books as well as the internet and I ultimately found the perfect slice of heaven! Fran Bigelow’s Deep Chocolate Torte. What mostly attracted me to this recipe was that it was from Fran’s chocolate shop in Seattle. If you ever want a really special treat, order a box of chocolate or some of her fudge sauce.  It is a special indulgence. 
I also made a really simple raspberry sauce, with fresh raspberries on the side.  To make the sauce; put a pint of raspberries and a few tablespoons of sugar in the food processor.  Process then put mixture through a fine mesh sieve.  In the end, you have a simple, smooth sauce for most desserts.  
We started out with cheese straws, some olives and some dried salami.  
Isaac fell in love with his new cousin, Jordan Zoey.  He could not get enough of her and can’t wait to see her again.


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