Lori Kleiman

Lori and I met in high school, over 40 years ago. Although we went to different high schools, I was BFF’s with one of her BFF’s and she and I became fast friends. Always connected through that friend and others, Lori and I shared a similar philosophy as well a s interests and connected on so many levels. After opening my flagship store on the trendy Montana Avenue in 1995, Lori was looking to re-enter the work world. Her kids were in school full time and it made perfect sense for her to run and manage my retail store. Her creativity and kind demeanor was the perfect blend for the high-end clientele we were servicing. 

Lori, being a seeker of information and a serial student, has spent the last 10+ years as a Life and Positive Aging Coach. Finding her purpose in working with both individuals and groups has taught her that being a baby boomer does not mean that life is over. She helps them shift their mindset and dispel those self-limiting beliefs about what life after 50 could look like. 

Lori’s daily practice is a combination of meditation, yoga, hiking and walking and it is in these spaces that she allows herself to practice what she is preaching. In addition, following her dream and passion in becoming a lifestyle influencer and model has further validated that she is talking the talk and walking the walk.  Lastly, as a first time “Grammie”, Lori is learning from this gentle toddler that age is simply a number.


What is your greatest weakness?

My granddaughter Naomi and movie popcorn

What talent would you most like to have?

Play a muscial instrument

What’s always in your bag/purse?

A pack of tissues, nuts, my favorite lipstick, a little bag full of small sizes of page markers, pens and so much more.

What would be your superpower?


Salty or Sweet?

60% salty 40% sweet

What is your best trait?

I am trustworthy and openhearted

What is your “Uniform”?

I love a uniform! Jeans, t-shirt or button down shirt

What inspires you?

Women who live boldly, embrace their age, and make choices by their own rules.

Favorite Podcast

Obsessed with Alanis Morisette’s lately

App you use the most?


What is on the top of your bucket list?

More Esalen, Solo retreats to too many places to list. Burning Man

I surprise myself when…

I figure out something techy


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