Living in Gratitude Takes Work

Living in gratitude takes work.

It’s hard work because it is a daily practice. No different than your exercise routine, the eating and lifestyle choices one makes, how we take care of our skin and our body and so much more. It’s hard work because it is a commitment. And as a human…I struggle sometimes with my commitments.

But today I am reminded of how grateful I am. Look at these lovely flowers. They were given to me by my friend, Lubia. Lubia didn’t start out as my friend. We have been friends for maybe 10 years. She originally came to me as a housekeeper. Over the years, we have become friends but what it has really morphed into, is family.?

She brings me flowers EVERY week! Every week she tells me how grateful she is that we are in each other’s lives. She has taught me more about gratitude than anyone and when we talk about life, kids, love and everything in between, I am reminded how grateful I am to have her in my life.

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  • Wendie

    Love this❤️

    • Susan

      Thank you! Love you back!!

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