LIttle Gingerbread People

I have never made gingerbread “people”. I have always wanted to, but never got to it. This is the year to dive in.

I looked at a lot of different recipes. The one I gravitated to was the one on epicurious. You can find the recipe here. They are called Gingerbread Angels. I changed their gender.
I rolled out all the dough and then froze them for about 30 minutes. Pulled out the slabs and then started cutting them out. I did it as fast as I could so the dough would not get to warm or soft. I re-rolled the scraps and then repeated the process.
The recipe says that the yield is around 6 dozen. I got double that. Everyone and their mother is getting these guys this holiday season. I flash froze the little people and then stored them away in a large plastic freezer container. I brushed a them an egg wash and then sprinkled them with sanding sugar. Added a few embellishments and then baked off a few for my three taste testers. They got a thumbs up. If I have the energy, I may pipe a few with royal icing. I am just afraid by the time I get to these on baking day, I may be too exhausted. We will see how the day unfolds.
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  • oneordinaryday

    Gingerbread people are on my list for baking this year too, and I’ve never made them before. I found awesome cookie cutters and can’t wait to try them out.

  • Lucy

    These are so cute and festive! I love gingerbread men, always popular 🙂

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