Leigh Koechner

Leigh and I met on the internet, on LinkedIn specifically. I found her and liked her vibe. That was about a year ago. We took our new found relationship “off line”, hopped on a call, had a great conversation, tried to make a lunch date, “liked” each other’s social posts and I now considered her a “friend”. 

Cut to a year later, I launch my site, she gets my emails and reaches out. We hop on a few more calls and we come to find that we are both kind of doing the same thing with a slightly different message. And we could not be more joyful. What we have shared and collaborated on in just a few short phone calls is exactly as the universe has planned.

Leigh is a Podcaster, Writer, Speaker, and Spiritual Teacher who likes sipping martinis and doing the splits (not at the same time, of course)! She inspires others by being unapologetically who she is and lives with Compassion and Balls. 

She is a hysterically funny, witty and unfiltered mother of 5 and is showing her children, daily, what it is to be authentic, raw and honest. When she is not shuffling her kids to and from, she can be seen as the Parenting Expert for Deepak Chopra’s Global Wellbeing APP – JIYO and is also the Co-Executive Producer on The Mindfulness Movement Documentary. 

Leigh is currently selling out theaters with her Messy Imperfect Life Workshop and speaks at many private events around the country. Her workshops speak to busy women and after you have both laughed and cried, you will leave those events with tangible tools. To find out more about her workshops, click here!


What talent would you most like to have?

Remembering people’s names

What’s always in your bag/purse?

Cover Girl Lip Gloss #610

What would be your superpower?

To Fly

Favorite Cocktail?

Ciroc Martini up with Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

What is your best trait?


What inspires you?

Connecting to God, the universe, the energy that connects us all

Who is your favorite hero in fiction?

6 million dollar man cause he’s so hot

Who is your all time favorite movie?

Heaven Can Wait

I surprise myself when…

I get out of my own way and when I partner with Power and cool shit comes out of my mouth

What is on your reading list/ night stand/ currently reading?

This Think Called You – Ernest Holmes


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