Krisha Garvey

Krisha and I met through my youngest and her oldest boy. The two of them bonded over their love for food. Our boys brought us together and I am forever grateful to the two of them because Krisha is one of the good ones!

A California native, Krisha Garvey has spent most of her life in Malibu and areas surrounding. An Aesthetician by trade, budding artist and brave mom of three boys, Krisha is an original “golden” girl. Inspired by beautiful things and a deep passion to create, Krisha is a ceramicist and painter, and most recently began crafting casual, organic yarn wall art with her small business Golden State Beauty.


What talent would you most like to have?

To rock the drums!

What is your best trait?

I’d say kindness to all is one of my notable traits…and my smile:)

Who is your favorite hero in fiction?

My favorite hero is one who is self deprecating, makes mistakes, spazzy, quietly strong and confident, and ends up teaching everyone around them a brilliant lesson (*see Lady Bird & Ruth in GLOW below). 

Who is your favorite character in a movie?

I love Soirse Ronin’s character Lady Bird (Lady Bird) and I love Scarlett Johansen and Bill Murray’s intimate, subtle connection as characters in Lost in Translation….but I heart Bill Murray in everything!

Favorite Podcast

I listen to the Malcolm Gladwell (Revisionist History) podcast and This American Life.

App you use the most?

I use the Hipstamatic app the most….then the Artifact Uprising app (AU) to make cool photo books of the awesome Hipsta photos I took. 

I surprise myself when….

I surprise myself when I can play live ball tennis for two hours. The most fun workout…but at times painful & exhausting!!!

What is your ideal day?

My ideal day is one spent on the beach playing in the sand with my boys…searching tide pools, building driftwood forts, paddle boarding and laughing a lot. A glass of wine, yummy pizza from Sotto & live music would round out a perfect day.

What is your vice?

My vice is salt, dark chocolate and peanut butter. I want those all right now…together!!!


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