Joleen Porcaro-Duddy

Joleen and I met in the 7th grade. I was 11 and she was just 12. We both landed in the most horrible 7th grade math class, in the bungalows, taught by the nerdiest, stereotypical, math geek named Mr. Kravitz. We both hated math. We were more interested in clothes, boys, being creative and laughing – the way most 12 year old girls do. 

Forty-seven years later – we are still friends, still more interested in clothes, design, pretty things, our families, our girl squad than math and we are still laughing. Lots and lots of of laughing, like little, cute 12 year olds. Our lives have paralleled in so many personal ways that talking about stuff enables each of us to empathize, sympathize and then conceptualize what our next move might be.

Joleen was the girl in high school who everyone loved – both boys and girls. Collectively, everyone had a crush on her and I was simply grateful to call her my friend. She has had a very, very full career that has encapsulated 40+ years of design, styling, creating, mentoring and doing what she loves – creating and being of service to others. She comes from pedigree of artists, musicians, writers, and creators and it is no wonder that Joleen has excelled in everything she touches. Today, she is a very busy interior designer, working up and down the coast of California and when she is not shopping, troubleshooting and running her business, she can be found with her hubs of 38 years, 3 grown kids, 2 (almost 3) grandchildren, her 80+ year old parents and her vast, wide and fabulous family. She is a dedicated care giver to all and rarely says no to pretty much anything. She is the Meredith Grey to my Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy) – she is “my person”! She’s my sister – in friendship and in life!! 


What living person do you most admire?

My Mom

What is your favorite activity/exercise?

 Chasing grandkids

What’s always in your bag/purse?

Trident White, a tape measurer, chapstick

What would be your superpower?


What inspires you?

Those that don’t give up!

Who is your favorite hero in fiction?

Elizabeth Bennet

Favorite Podcast

The Pete and Sabastian Show

I surprise myself when…

I know something

What is your vice?

All things sweet

What is your Mantra?

Show up, Shut up and Wear Beige


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  • Ray Alpern

    I was in the same class and will never forget Mr. Kravitz in his short sleeves and pocket protector! We didn’t know it then, but he was 100% Aspergers. His bungalow behind the shop classes was also where we had the chess club, and I remember how he would use the water out of his enormous aquarium to methodically wash the desks! Good ol’ Millikan.

    • Susan

      That’s gross – had no idea that he cleaned the desks that way. And…had no idea you played chess – who would have thunk???xx

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