If You Want to Go Fast

I heard this quote on a Podcast the other day and it stuck with me.It was on my early morning walk with Lola and I had to pause the episode because I wanted to write this down when I got home.

When I turned off the noise of the podcast and continued to walk (with Lola) in silence, I started to contemplate this quote. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. I have spent the last 2 years, consciously, seeking out friends from my childhood.

After I was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2016  that was when everything changed for me. I was asked if I was scared. I wasn’t. That question got me thinking more about, How I Was Living. It was pretty much in that moment that I had decided that I had the will and the power to live the life I truly wanted. Prior to cancer, I had given up, became complacent, and existed. I had decided that that was no longer acceptable.

I wrote a lot about what I saw and what I wanted and I started to, speak out loud and ask for what I wanted. One of the things I wanted was to reconnect with some of these very accomplished, funny, SMART, creative and joyful women that were “my people” when I was growing up. Because of social media I knew they were geographically close by and all living, what seemed to be, rich and wonderful lives. So, one by one I started messaging and making lunch dates, hiking meet ups and dinner plans. One by one, we had picked up where we left off, 40 years prior. Slowly we crept back in to one another’s lives. It was so uplifting and magical, that I decided to try and get a group of us together.

Although, I had reached out to about 20 women, 6 of us had our “first date”, on November 16, 2017. It is very hard to describe what that night was. We were honest, raw and authentic. No hiding behind anything and no judgement. Each of us, independently, had different relationships with one another, but the common thread of the evening was how we had all walked in to our very own, personal pain. We did not hold back and it was effortless. Being able to talk openly, share, and laugh was the beginning of healing, individually, for all of us.

The 6 of us get together about every 4-6 weeks and it has inspired me to reach out to more of these rare and special women and over the past 21 months a little movement has started. We are all feeling it. We are inspiring one another to believe that it is not “too late” and that if we are not doing what feels good, then we need to change it. It is not too late to tackle what we want to empower. And because we are all operating on such a high vibration, more and more of us are coming together; coming together with intention and love. Our deep and unique history has opened the door for many of us to grow in a more deeper and wider way.

These women have inspired me to take action on a project that has merely been living inside my head. It’s very close to going from and idea to an action and when it does – it will be shared with all of you.

So, I truly believe that “if you want to go far, go together” because I am seeing it, feeling it, and experiencing it first hand. 

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