I used to be tired…like all the time!


We can’t help but feel like life sometimes feels like “Ground Hogs Day” – you know the movie with Bill Murray where each day feels like the one before. Especially now – being socially and physically distancing, and as it becomes our new normal, it has both it’s disadvantages and it’s advantages. 

I used to feel like Bill Murray all the time until I found something that helped me shift my perspective and my path. As a business strategist and brand story expert, I work 1:1 with my clients on helping them be the voice and personality of their own brand. I love what I do, but it can be exhausting. I knew there had to be an easier and better way to not only serve them but to automate the process.

My own perspective changed forever in January 2019. It was then that I started to learn how creating systems that could be automated was what I needed to be doing. In order for me to scale my business, I needed help. And I found that help in Amy Porterfield’s podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I had taken her advice, grew my email list from 200 to 800 in just a few months and continued to listen.

But, I really didn’t know where to start. 

I watched her create a multimillion dollar business doing exactly what she knows how to do – create online courses and products that actually help anyone who has dialed in to their hidden talent. I had hidden talents, my clients have hidden talents so I started to wrap my head around what she was talking about and had that ah-ha moment. So, when she announced her first ever Digital Course Academy in January 2019,  in a moment of utter clairity and fearlessness,  I signed up. 

This was a total leap of faith. I had never done anything like this before (nor had I invested in myself in this way – ever) and I was not totally sure I was going to be able to learn in this way. You see…I am a collaborator and love a great conversation. It’s where I gain my greatest source of inspiration. So, being taught in a total digital way – was going to be a learning curve. And it was.

Here, I am, a year and half later and not only am I launching my first digital product, but that course helped me scale and automate my 1:1 consulting business. Thus, no longer super duper exhausted! And my life no longer looks like groundhog day! In addition, not only did I gain a wealth of information, but I adobted a community of like minded, bad-ass people who are all doing their thing while supporting those like myself along the way! 

This course, unexpectedly, changed my life and the way I do my business today. 

If you have something inside of you that is dying to come out but not sure how to go about it – I want you to seriously consider taking your own leap of faith and consider an online course for your zone of genius.

With the world balancing on different axes at the moment and the digital space blowing up – it is easier than ever before to take what you know, love and do and share in a way that will be more impactful than you can ever imagine! But, before you say yes or even dive in to wanting this for yourself – there are a couple of ways for you to get to know Amy.

Wondering if you could even wrap your head around building a digital course? Take this quiz to find out. I did it myself and it was a fun exercise.

She is also offering a FREE 30 Day Digital Course Kickstarter Bootcamp(starts today). Who doesn’t love a good bootcamp to light a fire under our asses? I know I do! Here’s the link to jump in – it’s going to be AMAZING! I’ll be there right along side of you. 

Still have questions? I will be answering them in my weekly, FREE Think Tank inside a private group on Facebook. To join that convo – click here.


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