I am Sitting in a Puddle of Gratitude

Are you experiencing change right now? A shift in your current universe? Or maybe you are thinking about mixing things up but something is preventing you from moving forward?

Yeah…that’s how it goes. I spent 10 years looking in from the outside. Peeking around the corners, staying quiet. It was such a hard place to be. Dark and lonely and so confusing.

I had to get Cancer to dig myself out of the dark and into the light I am grateful to Cancer. I know that sounds odd and I am not discounting all of those that I love and know that have been affected by this epidemic. Pretty much all my BFF’s have been challenged with it in one way or another. Some of us have been more fortunate than others and I do get angry at Cancer when I see those close to me struggling with the day to day of what it does to them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For the most part it sucks!

For me – it was surreal and scary and unbelievable. I turned into a robotic, driven, focused human and I gathered my information. I did not get sad – I just took care of business. Taking care of business is what I realized I had been missing. I like order and structure with lots of creativity and innovation sprinkled in – but I was missing having a purpose. That purpose became my duty to educate myself and stay alive for my 3 boys. Levi was 10 at the time and that was just not going to happen.

From that moment on, I have been on a mission to find my lane. For the past three years I have been collecting, cultivating, curating and crafting all my resources which have now inspired my “next thing”.

All of the information, conversations, introductions and continuing to tell each other stories has led me here. I am so grateful to all of these amazing female forward chicks who have marched right along side of me. We have all discovered how important it is to not hide, be transparent and get honest with what it is we really, really want. Not always easy to ask for what you want and then wait patiently as it starts to come your way.

So, if you feel like you are just floundering – find your people and then tell it like it is. And if you can’t find your people – we have lots of seat at the table. Go to my website, sign up for my newsletters, follow me on IG and Facebook (Susan Salzman Creative) and pretty soon, we are really going to be having  the conversations!! Stay tuned!!

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