How + Where to Start in 2021


Age 7 – that was the year that I realized I was a creator. 

It was then that I
1) baked my first cake from scratch, by myself, and
2) took some resin, rope and a mold and turned it into a product that I sold at the handball courts at my elementary school.

It didn’t stop there.
A high school, calligraphy elective class, sparked my creative hand and used that craft to address envelopes for events like baby showers bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings.  As a co-ed at U.C.L.A., the jewelry I made to accessorize my simple “uniform” of Levi’s, white T’s and Gucci loafers, ended up being sold at sororities, home parties and local – upscale boutiques in Beverly Hills and beyond. 

Early on, the needs I was creating to fill gaps for myself in my own life, ended up serving the needs of others. And not being one to sit around and eat bon-bons and watch endless T.V., creating something, everyday, is part of what makes me, ME.

After graduating from college, I did what most of us were expected to do and I got a job. I have to say, I landed the perfect first, real job. But after spending a half a dozen years in the entertainment business, working in TV, Film and Talent Management for incredible icons and my mentors, Bernie Brillstein and Brad Grey, a creative outlet – making gifts for friends who were having their first babies – turned into a multi million dollar, global lifestyle brand. The 20 years that followed in building that mini empire took me to places I could have never projected or written about in a traditional business plan. What I created – I created by doing – and that, my friend is how, as a creative, I roll best.

You see – your passions can transform into your purpose. And when you allow yourself to be open enough to do that – you can chart your own entrepreneurial roadmap.

Over the past 12+ years I have taken all those experiences, expertise and my knowledge and have helped 100’s of visionaries, innovators, creatives, CEO’s and brands, build a business on WHO they are rather than what they do. 

Because when you can tap into why you do what you do and be the voice of your own narrative – that is when your unique value gets loud and clear.

What I have learned over my 35+ career of starting, running and working with others is that no matter what industry you’re in, if you can unpack all the tangled mess of loose ends you’ve amassed in your past lives, you can create almost anything. In being able to clearly define what makes you YOU – that is when you find your sweet spot!

You want to start a business – but not sure where to start? Let’s start here and take just a few baby steps!

Identify – what makes your heart sing. What are those burning questions that people often come to you for to ask your advice. I have a friend who loves to do errands. I actually hate errands (I am a homebody at heart and any excuse to stay in my home office – I find it), so when I listen to the recap of her day – I marvel at her energy to go and get that shit done. The bonus of her getting out into the world is that she is exposed to the little treasures that are all around us. When I walk into her house – I always notice another little detail. It could be in the bathroom or her kitchen countertop and even her closet. So, when I need a gift or something special – who do I turn to? Her! Being newly divorced, I asked her, “what now”. And after an hour long conversation (or two) – she is embarking on a new career path doing exactly what she loves. And she is always spot on in her suggestions – I know she is going to be super successful. And making money, doing what you love – never feels like work!

Find that thing that lights your heart on fire. It doesn’t matter if you want to make macrame bracelets or sage sticks – go and do it and do it with all your might!

Believe – once you find that thing – trust and surrender to the idea. And then go and find others who are doing it well and study how they are doing it. Where they are showing up, what they are offering and how are others responding? Now, I don’t want you to be them – but I want you to understand how they got to where they are and why their voice matters. 

Plana dream without a plan is just a dream  ~ Dave Ramsey

Take it from me – until I really mapped out what I wanted and figured out how I was going to get there – nothing happened. I was like that dog – chasing its own tail! Like this guy here.

Get super clear on what you want. Like – really, really want. Then figure out the milestones you need to achieve in order to get closer to that big picture. The big picture is the easy part. It’s the baby steps that trip people up. It’s those small bites that you need to consistently do in order to get you to your destination. And sometimes, it’s the baby steps that can hold you back. Why…because you are impatient.

I promise you – if you do it in this way – you will get to where you want to go. And I can say this because I have a proven  5 Stage Framework that works. In working with clients, either 1:1 or in my groups, this is the first stage. It addresses this in a very organized and systematized way. The bottom line is you have to identify the long term goal (or vision), then list what milestones that need to be achieved in order to get you to that finish line.

When you can organize it this way – you are identifying the small bites that need to happen on a daily basis and when you do this – you

simplify the complicated.

Those small tasks are what puts the pep in your step and builds the momentum that gets you closer to the outcome you are trying to achieve.

Community – find yours! Now, these people do not necessarily need to be in your niche. But they do need to be like minded folks who are willing and ready to support you as you support them. What I find most rewarding in my group coaching sessions is that most of us all have the same obstacles, roadblocks and questions. When you can be part of a whole – you will find answers and those “ah-ha” moments when you least expect it.

Mentor – find that one person who can offer you an outside perspective you need to dig through the rubble, unpack your talents and clear away the debris. That person who can help you talk it through and give you actionable steps to take to make this little dream into something real. And then make the commitment to this person that you are not going to allow all the other distractions and voices that are out there, not get in the way of the work you are doing with this person!

Your toolbox is so full!!

Everything you’ve done to get to where you are today: the events you’ve planned, parties you’ve thrown, rooms you’ve decorated, friends you’ve helped get through tough times—all the moments leading up to today have given you an extensive set of lockpicking tools that you can use to do what you love…and get paid for it.

If you are looking for a way to tip your toe into the water, I am covering these tips and more in an upcoming, 90 minute workshop on January 12, 2021. I am looking forward to helping more women unleash all that goodness that is inside of them and make 2021 a year like no other. Until then, you can download my free resource about how you can pivot, grow or scale your business and ideas in the year ahead. Grab the Power of the Pivot workbook here.

Cheers to unpacking your toolbox! Let’s do this together!


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