How to “raise” your business like you would your kids!


Building a business and crafting a personal brand is alot like having another child. Yet way more work!

The struggle is real – people!!

Back in 1988, when I left my corporate job and found myself on a 4 month hiatus (until my next job started), I found myself diving into all the shit I loved to do; cooking, yoga, photography, but mostly creating.

A segment of that creativity was crafting gifts for friends that were having their first babies. My goal was to give them something that would stand the test of time and become a keepsake that they would have for years to come. Unlike those very expensive outfits I would buy from Fred Segals for all of our companies clients and associates.

The outfit would maybe be worn once and then what? 

What I was originally gifting and then making for others via word of mouth, can still be found, 30+ years later, in many of the homes of those that originally received them. The stories that have been shared with me over the years about the pieces they still cherish and own is what keeps that legacy alive. The company no longer exists but the stories do and it’s in the fabric of those stories that we get to tell our own narrative.

Let’s get back to my point!!

Building a personal brand is hard work. I know first hand, but more recently, I see, watch and help others build theirs through the work that we do together and as their business advisor (a.k.a. business therapist), it’s messy work. 

And because it’s messy and not always easy – what I have realized is that just like in life, business, the boardroom, the “virtual classroom” in order to get shit done you gotta have the systems to carry out the plan!!!

Figuring out those systems did not come easily…or quickly. But being a guide to so many others has afforded me the luxury of creating my own systems for getting others from feeling a bit dazed and confused to willing and confident.

That is where the magic happens!

So, if you want to get to the other side of that foggy state and pull together a polished personal brand from the tangled mess of loose ends you’ve amassed in your past lives, download my FREE cheat sheet here – 5 Questions To Tap Into Your Hidden Talents! 

I promise you – you will be inspired. And if that happens – we should chat. You can schedule a 20 minute bitch session with me – but you gotta grab and do the cheat sheet first!!!

And when you do – come back here or comment or DM me on Instagram. We are all in this together and nothing really happens without the help of others!

See you on the other side of those 5 Questions!


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