At a very young age I realized that if I wanted something, I had to “figure it out”. Being industrious was not a choice – it was a necessity.

The past 10 years, has been no different. I never intended to build a Creative Agency. Nor did I plan on creating a lifestyle furniture brand in a category where there was none and I certainly did not plan on building a virtual based skin care business. I have kind of fallen into these places via my passions and each has allowed my intuition to guide and navigate me through it.

This website or “community” is an extension of all of the above. What I have done and the people I have met are simply the fabrics of my life and this space is where I get to sew and weave these blocks together to create a beautiful and colorful patchwork quilt.

As this grows and we grow as a community, more colors and layers will be added to an already rich and thick patchwork of people, places, tastes and discoveries.

The above photo was taken at my first trade show in 1989 or 1990. I had been making furniture in my parents garage and that weekend was the validation that I was on to something. It was the birth of a new career, a new path and a road that I gleefully traveled down for 20 years. I had no idea where I was going…but I was going to “figure it out”.  And in trusting that, I was able to stand where no others stood before and it was a beautiful ride. 


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  • Wendie

    You are an inspiration Susan! Your words are so thoughtful and I admire you so much❌⭕️?‼️

    • Susan

      I love and adore you like a sister, Wendie!!! I so appreciate you appreciating me and I am a better human with you in my life!!! xx

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