Have You Found Your Secret Sauce?

Have you found your secret sauce? 

Finding that secret sauce takes a lot of flipping work. Don’t you agree?

The path to your secret sauce comes with ebbs and flows. My first real taste of it was when I was a playground coordinator and supervisor for LAUSD. This was a great place for me to exercise my leadership skills, my creativity and manage others in an unstructured setting. I was able to do this throughout college, even when I left to attend CAL. Coming home for summers, knowing I had a job to return to was a win-win.  In addition, it was my first real experience with what a community looks like. I had it in high school and continue to love those relationships today, but this was different. It was amazing and I knew that I wanted more of that.

Finding that secret sauce is not unlike finding the perfect relationship. It just feels right. And like relationships, it doesn’t always last, but that relationship makes you better, smarter and wiser for the next. It’s part of the blueprint that is laying the foundation for what’s next.

Taking what you learn from situation to situation is what makes you a better creator, leader, collaborator, partner, teacher and mentor. I have always found myself finding that secret sauce in roles where I am helping others and mentoring those around me to realize and understand their value. 

Which brings me to where I am today. If you are struggling to find that secret sauce or unsure of which lane you may want to drive down – ask me questions. I may not have all the answers, but I will certainly listen. And if you have found your secret sauce – I want to hear about it. I also want to know what were the ingredients in your sauce that made it so secret? 

Being able to sit down with lots of women, in various settings and workshops, gives me so much insight into what most of us are struggling with. Overcoming those obstacles is where the magic happens and often times witnessing those light bulb moments is when I feel most inspired. This is also about community. Creating a space for women to simply be honest and not feel embarrased by it, is what has been the greatest reward. 

These small groups are becoming larger groups and it’s always about whose in the room and what is being said. Again, the stories might be the same and hearing that out loud, from a stranger, often times validates that one is “not alone”.

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