Gluten-Free Dog Treats + Our New Baby

Meet Lola

I am a pushover. I gave in. I caved…we rescued a dog.

Driving to meet the “puppy”, I instinctively knew that we would be coming home with a dog. I was so sure that a dog would become part of our family, that prior to picking up the kids from school, I called my friend, Lisa, and asked to borrow her crate (just in case). One minute after meeting the “puppy” the kids were  in love and so was I.

On the drive home we named her Lola Rose. We discussed what she would eat, where she would sleep (in her crate), and who would walk her. Taking care of Lola is not a challenge. My boys, equally take care of her, feed her, walk her, love her, and believe it or not, clean the backyard almost without asking.

Lola, just like my boys, deserve a healthy diet. While researching gluten free scone recipes, I found a recipe for gluten free dog treats. She and her friends are enjoying their healthy snacks.


Homemade Gluten-Free Dog Biscuits


2 1/2 cups gluten-free oats
1 1/2 cups potato starch
3/4 cup quinoa flour
3 Tbsp. flax seed meal
1 tsp. Celtic sea salt
1 organic egg
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup dry non-fat dry milk powder
1 1/2 cups filtered water
1 small, organic sweet potato, grated
1/2 carrot, grated


• preheat oven to 250*. line 2-3 rimmed baking sheets with parchment.
• put 2 cups of oats in the work bowl of your food processor. pulse to grind into a fine powder.
• in a large bowl, whisk the ground oats, 1/2 cup of remaining oats, potato starch, quinoa flour, flax seed meal, and Celtic sea salt.
• mix in the egg and coconut oil.
• in a glass measuring cup, whisk the water and the milk powder. add to the mixture and mix thoroughly.
• add the grated sweet potato and carrot.
• if the batter is too wet, add more quinoa flour. you want the batter to be able to form into a ball.
• on a floured work surface (I used rice flour), roll out the dough to 3/8″ thick.
• using a desired cookie cutter, create shapes and place on prepared baking sheet.
• bake for 1 1/2 hours – 1 3/4 hours, rotating pans half way between baking time.
• let cool completely.
• store in an airtight container indefinitely.
• share with friends

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  • Reply

    Congrats on your sweet new family member! Looks like that pup will be well loved & well fed 🙂

  • Reply

    The dog is so ADORABLE!! I am book marking these treats so I can make them for my sister’s pup.

  • Susan @ SwoonMySpoon

    Every year, the town I live in hosts a 4-day summer celebration. I’m the Chair-person of the doggie events. Your doggie treats are going to be a wonderful addition to the goodie bags. (your dog is adorable!)

    • Susan

      Hi Susan, these were as easy as making cookies!! I love that you do a summer celebration and you embrace the doggies. So cute!

  • HeatherChristo

    I LOVE IT!!!! I am totally making these for my new little puppy (well- 80 lbs at 18 weeks isn’t that little) I am so excite dthat you posted these Susan!

    • Susan

      FYI, Heather, they are a more crunchy cookie(perfect your 80lb puppy). My 9 lb puppy takes her time with these becasue they are hard. However, I would love to see of a video of your big puppy devouring these!!

  • Amanda

    YAY!!! So excited for you and the whole family! She is gorgeous. And what a great treat you made for her!

  • Jun Belen

    Welcome, Lola! She is so pretty!! I’m so excited for you, Susan, and for the rest of your family.

    • Susan

      Thanks, Jun! I resisted for way too long. Glad I waited – cuz now we have her!!

  • sally cameron

    Prefect timing Susan! Lola is adorable and quite a lucky girl to be adopted by your family. We too have a new baby, Tate. He is four months now. I cooked for our other Sheltie years ago. Now I am wondering if I have time to cook for Tate. These g-free treats look wonderful! I will definitely be making them soon. Thanks!

    • Susan

      Our first dog was a beautiful Vizsla named Mr. Hogan. When he was 8, he got cancer and I changed his diet to a very specific, raw diet. The diet didn’t omit the cancer, nor did it prevent the decline in his health, but it ws sure rewarding making his food just as I had made food for our family. I am a firm believer that dogs deserve the same diet that we do and once Lola is old enough, I am going to make her some pretty darn good meals! I hope you are having fun with your new puppy, Sally – a lot of work, but worth it!

      • sally cameron

        We had a similar experience, which is why I also started cooking for our late Sheltie, Winston. Nor cancer, but a lot of healthy issues. I used to personal chef his food, all weighed out and packaged in little baggies, then frozen. Yes they are a lot of work but it is rewarding! They are bundles of love. And geez do they grow fast!

  • Kim

    I’m keeping this recipe in mind for my parent’s dog wich is a great dog. Lola is so cute, I beet she is a great little puppy!

    • Susan

      Hi Kim, I think your parent’s dog will love you all the more if you make it homemade treats!

  • Reply

    I have a feeling that this is going to one pampered pooch! I love that the boys are so eager to take care of Lola.

  • TidyMom

    oh she’s adorable!!
    I made some treats for Cullen about a year ago and he loved them, I’ll need to give your recipe a try too!!

  • Esi

    Lola is sooo adorable!

  • Crustabakes

    Wow, congratulations on your newest addition to the family! she looks so adorable!

  • Kristina Vanni

    What a nice story! Congratulations! Love the idea of giving all family members the equal option of going gluten free!

  • Nancy Rose Eisman

    Mazel tov, and welcome Lola Rose. XO Nancy Rose

    • Susan

      Thanks, Nancy! Let’s talk produce! 🙂

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