Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

The emotions of how most of my people are feeling run the gamet from confused, bewildered, scared, anxious, epathetic and maybe a little numb.

I didn’t pay much attention to it until I was forced to pay attention and that happened about 3 weeks ago when I went to my local grocery store and there was virtually NO protein on the shelves. That is when it hit me that something big and real was going down. With that, this was not limited to my little community. This was global. It’s not just a war in the middle east or a tornado in the South – the devestation is EVERYWHERE.

In that realization, I am seeing how the way we communicate is drastically and quickly shifting. And although the media is asking us to socially distance ourselves, I am seeing the opposite. This is more about “phsically distancing ourselves” while our social connection is greater than ever.

From online yoga classes (thank you Hot8Yoga) to kickboxing classes, virtual cooking classes by some of my favorite chefs, spiritual healers (Shirley Lipner) they are going live everyday to give a little hope and inspiration. All of these resources have been a tremendous comfort to me and I know it is helping many others.

What this has done for me is moved me into action. I quickly realized that our baseline and how we support our family was contingent upon the “job”. For me, the biggest emotion I have felt in all of this is vulnerability. Vulnerable to others and dependent upon them in a way that made me way too comfortable. 

I have forced myself to get uncomfortable and in that space, I am putting into motion the vision I have seen for my business, but have been merely watched from the sidelines. I became complacant, bored and stuck. Well…this whole mess has unstuck me and I am ready to roll out things that have been marinating for months (if not years).

In an effort to put myself out there and be super uncomfortable – I took to Zoom! For over 10 years, I have been working 1:1 with clients (business owners, entrepreneurs, brands), in the privacy of their own space to show them how to craft their brand story in a way that attracts them to their ideal audience, allowing them to have a bigger impact in their life and in the world. My success has been private. Kept between me and them. I am now seeing, through the help and encouragement from one very special person, that what I offer and how I guide can help so many more. This special little blueprint will be shared, bit by bit, in a weekly Zoom call to whomever wants to join.

This is about connection, conversation and collaboration. And ultimately inspiration.

Join us – every Wednesday at 1:30pm(PST).

If you want to join – email me:


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