Garbage Disposal Cookies



I have been reading a lot about “amnesty cookies”  and I was intrigued.  David Lebovitz has been posting about these and they are kind of the rage.  These are the perfect cookie to use up all the junk up that you have lying around your house.  I liked the actual amnesty recipe, however it called for corn syrup.  So, instead I used a cookie base recipe that I have been playing with.  They are an off shoot of Isaac’s favorite cookies, flatsos (see blog post here), but with a little more flour, a little less butter and I changed the ratio of brown and white sugars.

My kids called these cookies, “Garbage disposal cookies”. I made my cookie dough and then added in:


  • mini kit kats
  • dark chocolate chunks
  • white chocolate chips
  • heath bar pieces
  • pretzels
  • fritos
  • organic crackers

This dough has to be frozen before baking.  Otherwise, they become a sea of ooze and goo.  When Isaac heard that there were pretzels in the cookie, he turned up his nose.  Then he ate one.  And then another.  And another.  And another!  He likes these.  

I like these because of the delicious balance between savory and sweet.  One of my favorite snacks is a chocolate covered pretzel.  These cookies are everything rolled into one.  I have tons of mini candies in the house right now. I am thinking my next batch will be; reeses, salted peanuts, rice krispies, dark chocolate chunks, pringles, etc, etc.   I also want to do one with rolos-one of the more perfect candies, ever!
Find all the junk in your pantry and make these cookies.  I am not going to share the base for my recipe, but you can click on David Lebovitz’s name at the top of this post and use his recipe. 
all the sweet stuff
all the savory stuff
organic crackers
(bought these by accident.  levi wanted the “cookies” with big bird on the package…oops)
These are yummy good!

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