French Friday’s with Dorie + Beef Daube

The weeks just seem to zoom by.  One week ago, today, I made Dorie’s carrots.  It has been two weeks since Thanksgiving and New Years will be here before we can say “2011”.  Next week my youngest, Levi, will be 5 and in two months my oldest, Eli, will be 13!  My dad used to always say, “where does the time go” and now I find myself mumbling those same exact words.  I am amazed at how quickly the time passes.

Tonight, before dinner , I am going to take an hour of “me” time while my beef daube simmers in the oven.  I am going to go for a walk, listen to some great music and attempt to simply be in the moment.  I will try not to think of my extensive “to do” list, or make mental notes of what I need to add to my “to do” list.  I am not going to think about the laundry that needs to be folded or how the kids closets need to be purged.  I am simply going to just be.  And when I get back, I will sit down to dinner, with my family, enjoy the smells coming from my kitchen, and eat this delicious meal of  beef daube, roasted asparagus, and baked polenta.

Cheers to another weekend, my family, and delicious food!

My Go to Beef Daube
around my french table
page 244-245

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  • marla {family fresh cooking}

    I sure do hope that you had that time to yourself. It is so important to take breaks & relax. This beef looks like the perfect family dinner for this time of year. xo

  • Lisa!

    This is such a delicious recipe- it’s so full of beef and flavor. Thanks for sharing it… I’m going to have to try it soon.

  • Brooke@foodwoolf

    Yes! You time is EXTREMELY important. In the end it will make you a much more effective artist/baker/mama. What a nice way to mark the time for yourself.

    • Susan

      thanks, brooke. in 25 days and you and I are going to have lots of “we” time!

  • Amanda

    With all the treats I have been eating this week… this beautifully savory dish looks AMAZING to me!!! Well done!

  • gilli

    Tell me more about the baked polenta!

  • dorie

    Susan, I know that sense of time passing too, too quickly and I’m so glad you were able to slow it down for an hour — you have so many wonderful things coming up, you need to be “awake” to enjoy them. Wishing you everything sweet for the coming weeks and the fast approaching new year. Oh, and your daube — it looks great!

    • Susan

      Dorie, the daube was delicious! My entire family devoured it and I also took some to a friend whom had just gotten home from the hospital. It is the
      perfect comfort dish. Thank you so much for your kindness and your continued inspiration!xx

  • Kristen

    Where does the time go? I think that’s the million dollar question!

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