Five Things We’re Talking About – wk04


Stainless Steel Metal Straws


I have been using reusable straws for a 100 years. These modern and sleek stainless straws are the perfect solution to creating my own carbon footprint.

mDesign Plastic Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Bins


I am obsessed. Literally obsessed. If I took a picture of my garage right now with all the empty Amazon boxes – you would probably want to send me to a 12 step. My life is getting so organized and I am seriously “sparking joy”!

Electric Arc Lighter with USB Rechargeable Flame


I received this as a gift recently and it is truly genius. I ordered 10 of them to give to all the people that I love. What will they think of next?


I really only drink iced coffee. Thus, I was brewing and refrigerating my coffee and storing in 4 cup ball jars for easy access. Then my friend’s mom told me about this device and I am able to make bigger and yummier batches! This is better than the local coffee house and way more cost efficient!

Kiva Raw Organic Cocoa Powder


I put cocoa powder in my coffee (before I brew it), my shakes, in my pancake mix and so much more. A good quality cocoa powder changes the taste and texture of everything you will add it to!

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