Five Things We Are Talking About – wk07


5 Kitchen Essentials I cannot live without!

Lodge Cast Iron Skillets


I have all various sizes of these heavy duty easy to clean pans. The perfect tool to sear, saute, bake, broil, fry – you name it – it works!!

Mini Cuisinart


Salad dressings, chopped nuts, marinades and so much more. If I could only take a few things with me on my next move – this would be one of them.

Heavyweight Can Opener


Growing up, my mom had an electric can opener and 50+ years later she still has the same one. I have had dozens of manual can openers only to have them break within months. This is a kitchen must have!

Digital Kitchen Food Scale


Baking got a whole lot better when I discovered a food scale! So easy, less clean up and totally effortless!

Digital Instant Read Thermometer

Digital Instant Read Thermometer

My frustration of not getting an accurate temperature ready is over! This device works likes it says it will work!

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