Finding Your Lane

Finding our lane isn’t always easy. 

Some of us find what we want to do really early on. I have friends who got into their profession or work right out of college and that was it for them, and others decided to stay home with their kids and all were content in their lane. Some of us drive down different paths and it takes years and years to find those lanes. And some simply never find what they are looking for.

I was lucky to have found my lane right out of college. I was immersed in my job in the entertainment business and it was there that I met some of my closest friends. But after 5 or 6 years I drove down a new lane. One that gave me 20 years, building a global brand that exceeded way beyond my original vision.

Then I got lost. Each road I drove down was a dead end. Until 2 years ago. I decided to turn down a road that I had always resisted and it was this road that has lead me to amazing possibilities. 

Doing what I love; helping others realize their vision, connecting those that belong together in both business and in life, and empowering those around me to create that belief that what ever they want is tangible, has been both learning and a teaching moments

Today, I am fortunate to drive down this lane, mid afternoon – to the bluffs to meditate and reflect on my work day. I like this lane. I think I will drive down this one for many miles ahead!

Are you in your lane?

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